Having trouble with a difficult LOTRO quest? Need to know the location for a specific NPC or character or simply need more details in order to complete a complicated one? This LotRO quest guide can help! However, we also have some resources available. The quest guides are seperated by zones, and be sure to help others in their search for information. Search by zone to find help on a specific quest. The zones are listed below.

  • Angmar Quests
  • Archet Quests
  • Bree Quests
  • Bree-land Quests
  • Ered Luin Quests
  • Eriador Quests
  • Ettenmoors Quests
  • Lone-lands Quests
  • Misty Mountains Quests
  • North Downs Quests
  • Rivendell Quests
  • Shire Quests
  • Thorin's Gate Quests
  • Trollshaws Quests
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