One of the more fun and exciting aspects of LOTRO is it's musical features. Players are able to purchase various instruments and play notes using their keyboard. This enables LOTRO players to combine and form bands, play music as a group, and in turn almost re-create the Tolkien style world the Hobbits & others so freely enjoy and play in.
This guide will teach you about the music aspect, how to purchase instruments and play music, and how to play specific songs.

The Bard

The first thing you need to do when you want to play music is head to a bard. A bard will be able to sell you instruments (at 20 silver a pop) so that you can play music with your character. The bard you probably already know as the one who enables you to edit and change your traits.


There are several instruments available to you from the bard. Depending on your musical training (check your class trainer) you will be able to play the different types. The available instruments are:

Basic Clarinet
Basic Flute
Basic Lute
Basic Horn
Basic Harp


The first thing you need to do when you are ready to play your instrument is to equip it. The instrument will go into your ranged equipement slot, so if you're a hunter - be sure to switch it back!

Once your selected instrument is enabled, you will need to type /music and you will see a progress bar appear. This means you're ready to begin playing. The 1-8 number keys will play different notes, and the SHIFT and CONTROL keys are modifyers, creating minor notes, different octaves, etc. Play around a bit and see what you come up with!